Who We Are!

Ahmed S. Al-Dossary & Partner Company (ADPCO)

AHMED SALMAN AL-DOSSARY & PARTNER CO. Is a Saudi organization with ever increasing in built capabilities, which require with it personal, having varied experience. The company continuously explores and establishes its operation within the new market segments thus meeting every specialization need its customers.

Over the years Ahmed Salman Al-Dossary & Partner Co. has thus developed vast experience and tremendous techniques to fulfill the given civil industrial construction requirements and has capability in various fields, which are summarized below.

ENGINEERING SERVICES: We undertake mechanical works such as welding, fabrication pipelines erection and maintenance, contracting and construction HAVC installation, water and sewage line installation. Electro mechanical installation of fire fitting and security protection system.

 CIVIL / ARCHITECT: Civil constructions, structural steel works, earth work pre-engineered steel building, internal finishing and decoration, installation of gates, fence, industrial building, asphalting works hospital and clinic building, side pre-partition, excavation ware house, renovation, Demolishing and maintenance.

OPERATION & MAINTENNANCE: Power plants, office building, stores, hospitals, community housing, compounds, High Rise Building, commercial complex, warehouse, workshops, janitorial services, and security guards services.


It is the policy of Ahmed Salman Al-Dossary & Partner Co. to distinguish itself in the Civil Contracting & Industry Construction by providing prompt and superior services of international quality at very competitive prices to its clients.We give quality and customer services the same emphasis as the financial and productivity aspect of the business. We ensure that our quality policy is well understood and observed by all the members of our staff and our subcontractors. To achieve the required level of quality work and good workmanship, the company sticks to well plan and systematic quality control program. The quality of the work and quantity control will be fully in accordance with engineering specifications, codes and quality plain laid down by specific project.The project crew play the most important role, ADPCO ensure that the right person is employ for the right job, which can carry out his responsibilities with correct since and without any difficulty. The QA/QC inspectors will ensure team spirit and quality awareness.The QA/QC dept. and Management implements Companies General Policy, recruit appropriate personnel's for specific jobs, provide training, technical support, Hygiene, health care and safety related to project matters and personnel.Nevertheless, we periodically review our quality and objectives to ensure their suitability and effectiveness with an aim to continuously improve Quality.


It is Ahmed Salman Al-Dossary & Partner Co. Policy to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and to preserve the environment while providing quality services and products to meet customers’ expectations.We will comply with applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations, and quality standards. We will apply practical means to minimize pollution, reduce waste and minimize risk of services and products.The company will promote a strong sense of safety awareness among its employees. Safety will always be a factor in the services which we provide to our customers. ADPCO shall be made awareness to their workers to ensure that they understand the hazards of work environment and they can operate the process in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We will continually improve our performance and implement effective development system to enhance the competence and awareness of our multicultural employees to achieve sustainable results and to comply with (HSE) regulation


Ahmed Salman Al-Dossary & Partner Co. is well equipped supply qualified personals for technical service to the clients and know how to drive from the company wide experience. Most staff has overseas experience of not less than five to eight years in their related activities.
In order to realize proper execution of any specific activity that is carried and smoothly parallel to given timetable. Supervisors are assigned to each and every job that has been awarded to ADPCO Construction Co. The company considers proper supervision to be important and invaluable in the performance a particular job with the scientific and technical perfection.
To supervise the working staff, checking daily on the quality of the task completed, giving necessary instruction and guidance.
To ensure that the task are carried out in accordance with the specified schedule. 
To keep the management constantly informed of workers quality and performance, in order to take corrective measure well in time.
To take charge of the supplies and ensure proper distribution is done.
To look after the requirements of the workers, which will aid the quality of the worked, performed.

Ahmed S. Al-Dossary & Partner Company. (ADPCO)

Our Team

The strength of ADPCO comes from its dedicated team of qualified, trained, honest employees who work jointly at different manufacturing points and ports of loading to ensure that our customers get the best in service and quality.
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